Inviting Teams & Clients

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Invite anyone relevant to the business. Whether they're employees, clients, or contractors.

    Invite a User

    Invite any person to your Smartoo account the same way. Regular employees, clients, and contractors are all considered “users”.

    1. Visit Settings at the bottom left
    2. Go to Users
    3. Fill in the User’s name, email, and role
    4. Click Save

    Roles help define the permissions a user has on Smartoo. Learn how to set roles and permissions.

    Add User Smartoo

    Buying a Seat

    Seats are unlimited while you're still in the trial period. If you want to add more people after it ends, follow these steps.

    1. In your Smartoo dashboard, head over to Settings at the bottom left
    2. Go to Subscription
    3. In Plan & Billing, click Add Seats
    4. Set the number of seats you wish to purchase
    5. Add your preferred payment method
    6. Click Confirm

    BETA Plan

    Seats are unlimited for the duration of Smartoo's Beta Plan. 

    Add Seat Smartoo