About Us

Who We Are

We are a global creative and technical team. As an agency, we have been delivering digital projects to clients since 2009. During this time, we have grown from our freelancing founder to working on massive projects for multinationals, Governments and organizations like the United Nations.

Why Smartoo?

Although we use and subscribe to a range of tools and online software, we discovered that most of the ones we rely on, were very specific tools that solved specific purposes. Tools like Github, Zoom, Skype, Xero, etc.

For our remaining operations and processes, we tried many and found it hard to settle on any clear winners. Main reasons being;

  • Tool was too generic; we had to work around the tool.
  • Tool lacked critical features: such as Project Management tools with no advanced resource management, an agency’s bread and butter.
  • Tool did too little for the price: subscribing to all the tools individually that we needed would cost a fortune.

So we built our own tools and integrated them together with other existing software to build an intelligent suite of tools tailor made for our agency. The tools we built would be quite specific to solve a particular problem like a resource scheduling tool or a tool that helps HR handle leave and holiday applications.

We built a dashboard to make it nice to use for our teammates and built integrated reports that we needed.

Smartoo is a project that attempts to replicate Smartoo Suite of Tools and make it available to teams, agencies, and other service businesses.

What is the vision for Smartoo?

Over time, more and more tools will become available and will be priced to allow you to affordably build a tool suite for YOUR Business.

These tools will be interconnectable with other Smart Tools and in time other popular available software. The aim is to allow our users to be able to affordably build their own Smartoo that fits their company.



Founder of Smartoo