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Feature Updates


For Teams

Schedule with People View

See every team member's schedule in one glance. Know which ones have some spare time for more tasks.

People View


For Projects

Project Task Lists

You've seen them in schedule form. This time, we're adding a new perspective. Having projects as a to-do list is great for seeing all projects in a more general view.

Project Task List

Assign Tasks to Users

From project planning to project scheduling. Soon, you'll be able to put tasks within projects for better team coordination.

Task to User

For Business Insights

Know when projects are over budget

Get notified when projects incur cost over the allocated budget. Making it easier to re-strategize and re-allocate.

Over Budget

Insight on best and worse performers

Know which project (from which clients) provided the most income for your business.

Assign and track Scope or Variation items

Adding variation cost to the original budget of your projects gets pretty messy. That's why we're adding a feature to track it separately, but still connected to the said project.

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